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Why should I publish with Brand Name Publishing?
Aside from our many years of experience and expertise, here are four good reasons to publish your book with us:

  • Dedication—We’re committed to looking out for the interests of our authors and helping them succeed. The success of our authors is our own success.
  • Value—We’re authors ourselves, so we’ve made every effort to guarantee that authors receive the highest percentages possible, the best terms. Timely statements and payments are a priority.
  • Communication—You’ll never have to wait for days on end for a reply to your e-mail. We always keep the lines open.
  • Excellence—This is so important to us that we included it in our tagline. We put care into everything we do because we believe readers know the difference.
What services do you offer?
Brand Name Publishing is a full-service publisher. We take a manuscript through the entire publishing process, from editing and proofreading, page design, cover graphics, and printing. Brand Name Publishing books are marketed and distributed worldwide. We also publish books for the Hebrew-speaking market, and provide translation services from Hebrew to English and from English to Hebrew.

What kind of books do you publish?
We publish high-quality Jewish books of all genres: novels, self-help, biographies, memoirs, cookbooks, and young adult books. Our byword is “excellence”—we believe there is room for every type of book…as long as it is well written and engaging.

Where are your books distributed?
Brand Name Publishing books are distributed wherever Jewish books are sold worldwide.

Where do you advertise?
Our books are advertised in the mainstream religious Jewish publications, as well as on the Web. Books aimed for a specific type of reader will be marketed accordingly.

I’m an author who wants to submit a book. What can I expect in terms of financial remuneration?
Brand Name Publishing has made it a goal to offer the best percentages possible and to ensure that authors receive timely statements and royalty payments.

I have a collection of previously published articles that I feel would make a great book. Is this something you’d be interested in publishing?
A collection is going to have to be extremely strong to be considered for publication. We can see a collection doing well if the theme is very appealing to a large readership, or if the compiler is a very well-known author. But in general, we prefer to offer readers something they can’t find in the weeklies.

How long does it take for a book to be published?
We evaluate each book based on its complexity and timeliness. Unless a book requires extensive editing and layout, or it must be published at a certain time of year, we will publish a book within 6 months of signing a contract.

How much input does an author have in his or her book?
We believe in working together with the author. An author will be given the opportunity to approve the text as well as the cover design before it goes to print.

Who owns the copyright on a book?
The copyright of the book is held by the author or anyone he or she designates.

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