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New Releases

Between the Tides
The Best of Sara Wiederblank
Sara Wiederblank

Fraidy Morris is the perfect catch. Someone to envy. Or is she?

Her mother-in-law is a better mother to her kids than she is. Who wants plain old mommy when you can have Super Savta?

Ruthie is feeling the pangs of empty nest. Her baby isn’t a baby anymore. Then she reunites with her old friend Chaviva, whose nest was never filled.

What is Michal to think when her friend Gila spent so much money on an over-the-top lavish vort, money that should have gone to paying back the rather large loan Gila took from Michal and her husband?

Life is full of ups and downs…


Cooking for the King
Winning Recipes for Shabbos
and Yom Tov

Renee Chernin

Food plays a crucial role in Jewish life, for nurturing our families and feeding our souls. In Cooking for the King, Renee Chernin makes yom tov preparation doable with easy-to-prepare, custom-tailored-for-the-day dishes you won’t be able to resist. Accompanied by stunning full-color photographs, every recipe comes with prepare-ahead instructions, and every entree includes menu suggestions. Yom tov cooking has never been simpler to plan…


18 Chapters to Live By
Shmuel Shields, Ph.D.

The facts on fats, why weight loss is all about portions and proportions, how to boost your immunity, coping strategies for stress… Based on the latest findings, Torah wisdom, and true stories, Dr. Shmuel Shields gives clear, user-friendly guidelines to be healthier, stronger, and more energized, and fulfill the mitzvah to “guard your health.” Meal plans, recipes, and practical takeaway tips make weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes a possible, achievable goal…


The Malbim on Iyov
An English Translation of the Malbim’s Classic Commentary
on the Book of Job

Translated by Herbert Weisberg
and Yosef Y. Kazarnovsky

Why do innocent people suffer while wicked people prosper? How do we maintain our faith in the face of challenges? How can we have free will if God knows what we will choose? During these challenging times, we find ourselves, like Iyov, asking questions and seeking to find meaning in our lives. What better way to answers than to turn to the source—to the sefer of Iyov itself?…


The Color of Heaven
Powerful Torah Lessons
and Inspirational Stories

Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair

With extraordinary eloquence, keen perception, and a delightful sense of humor, Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair, noted author and lecturer, focuses his lens on the world around us and shows us with brilliant clarity how it all connects to the world beyond. Whether he is describing a $100 million business deal or his cantankerous old Espresso maker, shidduchim or child-raising, technology or ecology, Rabbi Sinclair brings us to that exhilarating “aha” moment we all experience when we glimpse truth…


Learn, Live, Teach
The Story of a Life
Esther Leah Avner

A shy, awkward teen with a brilliant mind for learning, her greatest wish is to be a teacher. Never in her wildest dreams does she imagine that her path will lead to a brand-new seminary in Gateshead, then to postwar Navardok in the French countryside, and finally to the Brooklyn community of her beloved rav, Rabbi Avigdor Miller, zt”l.

In this story that is sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, and always riveting, read about adventures in Morocco, a hypnotist in Gateshead…