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The New Face of Jewish Publishing.

After almost 20 years’ experience in publishing, we bring together the best talent in the Jewish book world to produce quality Torah literature. As writers, we know what it’s like to take that first step to bring your work to light (and the second…and the third…). As experienced editors, we know how to get it there. And as voracious readers, we recognize good Torah literature and the needs of today’s Jewish reader.

Brand Name Publishing is committed to building and maintaining excellent relationships with our authors. Because we believe that a relationship between author and publisher that is built on trust and experience translates directly into books “branded with excellence”—from start to finish.  

Finally, but most importantly, at Brand Name Publishing we know that Torah and business ethics are the backbone of a healthy company.

What We Do

Brand Name Publishing is a full-service publisher. We publish both in the traditional manner (publisher investment) and as co-publishers (author investment). We also offer the entire spectrum of production services, including:

  • Manuscript evaluation and recommendation
  • Editing and proofreading, including structural and developmental editing, if necessary
  • Translation—Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew
  • Typesetting and layout design
  • Cover design
  • Printing and distribution
  • Advertising